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Zebra Friends


Katani Sumner and Sara Hunter stomp through the minefields of racial sensitivity to ask each other the questions only best friends can: “Why are white funerals so dismal? Why do black movie audiences yell at the screen? Why in the world do white people eat green bean casserole?” Legendary House of Blues Gospel Brunch Host Katani grew up in Boston. Sara spent her childhood in a woodsy suburb far from the city. Their worlds collided on the soccer sidelines of their kids’ elementary school. Through honesty, humor, and shared experiences they have learned the joys of Zebra Friendship. Their mission: integration in the best way possible: friend by friend. Join the growing circle of Zebra Friends. Learn how on this month’s podcast. It’s time for real conversation in a safe space.

Jan 20, 2020

Katani and Sara recount their historical and hysterical pilgrimage to President Barack Obama’s inauguration: proof that no matter how solemn the circumstances of a shared experience, the reality will inevitably have its ridiculous moments.