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Zebra Friends

ZEBRA FRIENDS: Katani Sumner and Sara Hunter navigate the minefields of racial sensitivity within the context of a best-friendship. Educator and Singer/Songwriter Katani grew up in Boston. Sara spent her childhood in a woodsy suburb far from the city. Their worlds collided on the soccer sidelines of their kids’ elementary school. Through honesty, humor, and years of shared experience, they have learned the joys, the challenges and the rewards of Zebra Friendship. Their mission: integration in the best way possible: friend by friend. Join the growing circle of Zebra Friends. Learn how on this month’s podcast. It’s time for real conversation in a safe space.

Feb 15, 2020

Zebra Friends Katani & Sara share the highs (Katani’s Paris Jazz Club debut) and lows (chasing bats from a castle) of their French adventure. Katani learns that bats hate white noise and Sara learns not to appropriate phrases from “Girls Trip”. We ready!!